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EXPLICIT / Exploring the black side

The Kemon and Mauro Galzignato show on-stage show from 23 October at the Milan edition of ON HAIR

It is said that Michael Jackson slept in a hyperbaric chamber that provided him with pure, pressurized oxygen, in an attempt in front of an audience of 5,000 hair-stylists, journalists and industry insiders. Mauro Galzignato and Kemon will participate in the unprecedented EXPLICIT show during the two days organised by Cosmoprof and Estetica on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 October at the MiCo Fiera Milano Congressi (the Milan Fair and Congress Centre).

“The title of the show, EXPLICIT, echoes the warning placed on the covers of albums with explicit song lyrics,” explains Mauro. “We are also offering strong themes, looks and hairstyles. We approach Haute Couture by being a lot more daring than we normally are with our collections, which naturally have to be different from what you see in the press or on the street. On the all-important podium in Milan, the level is decisively and intentionally higher”.

EXPLICIT: “Exploring the black side”

The researched and carefully chosen styles are also the payoff of the ‘EXPLICIT: Exploring the black side’ title. The show was inspired by three historical figures from the world of fashion: John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier. All three share having had an obscure and problematic or ‘dark ‘ phase in their lives. “My aim is to pay tribute to their two sides since their difficulties have, after all, greatly influenced their creations. In the eyes of our customers and observers,” concludes Mauro, “this show will be a different kind of artistic expression than the norm. However, we believe it’s fair to also develop a creative segment that is more elaborate than traditional commercial one and can be a major source of inspiration for even the simplest work”.

Mauro Galzignato will be on stage in his capacity as Artistic Director of the The Italian Touch hair fashion collection. Other members of the Hair Team will also take the stage. The Mauro Galzignato show is scheduled to start at 12:45. The complete program for the event is available at cosmoprof.it/on-hair-milan-edition.


Alessandro Di Giacomo