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Contemporary Salon: Grease by Lea Ceramiche

Grease by Lea Ceramiche

The style of salons has changed over the years, following fashions and trends, and always looking for that something new that can surprise and create, an allure that makes a place unique. In general, specialised companies have always been used to design the interiors of hairstyling salons.

Lea Ceramiche, a company in the district of Modena, has decided to step outside of the classic bathroom and kitchen spaces to create a special model designed by Diego Grandi: Grease reworks a barber’s shop in an ironic way using a vintage aesthetic. The backstage of a theatre, oversized silhouettes of equipment from the 1930’s, scissors/combs, and real objects are all used to create an interior where a hypothetical client can sit down and have his beard and hair trimmed. It is a job where the decorative ceramics become a true accessory to the furnishings, adaptable to any environment.

Materials with exclusive features, created with cutting-edge technology that makes the tiles (a mixture of gres porcelain made with clays and high-quality raw materials, often between three and five mm) resistant to heat, staining, and scratching and totally non-absorbent. Dirt, bacteria, fungi, or pathogens from mould are unable to penetrate the surface of the product material at all.

― Italian style and technology. An irresistible mix

Very high-quality digital printing does the rest, reproducing in some parts the grey veining of quality marble, with lustrous finishes to make the space elegant and luminous. The floor is silk screened to create a wood-effect texture with a more graphic decoration above it based on the reiteration of the slanting line.

All photos, courtesy of Lea Ceramiche / ceramichelea.it

Valentina Monti