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40 years of Punk

The Punk in Britain exhibition in Milan / The movement in ten points (for example, did you know that the best product for spiking up your hair is isinglass?)

The word punk was used for the first time with the meaning of “prostitute”, in Shakespeare’s 1605 play, All’s Well That Ends Well.

At the end of the 1800s, it carried the meaning of “useless”, especially referring to young criminals.

In May 1971, it first became famous as a music genre, then as a subculture, thanks to a Dave Marsh editorial on Creem Magazine.

On 26th November 1976, Anarchy in the UK was released by the Sex Pistols. Forty years later, London will celebrate the most famous anthem of the movement, with so many initiatives marked on punk.london.

Iconic products of the movement for spiking up the hair: eggs, beer, soap, wax. But the best way would be to use isinglass.

Styles and types of spikey hair: a peak, in the shape of a crest, brushed up, parted on each side. But the original style is the mohawk: the hair is completely shaved across the whole head, leaving a strip only two or three centimetres long on the top, and that ideally before hairstyling, falls to touch your shoulders.

The look that wants to break the social norms of the 1970s English bourgeoisie. The designer Vivienne Westwood built her fortune on creating outfits for musicians and bands.

“Punk was the real big spark. It changed the history of music in the world, the energy could take the place of technique” (Enrico Ruggeri, songwriter).

Until Sunday 28th August, Gallery Carla Sozzani in Milan, Punk in Britain: over 90 photographs with the British punk protagonists that have revolutionised the style of fashion and music in the world (info: galleriacarlasozzani.org).


Federico Flamminio / Alessandro Di Giacomo