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HOW TO // What it is, and the best products to use

It is a highly tailored service, in which light bleaching helps to brighten up the face and draw attention to specific areas, while also overshadowing other areas to hide any flaws. The goal is to achieve the best harmony between face and hair; “but the hair must be long or medium-long, because work is mainly carried on the ends, which fall at various levels on the face” said Mauro Galzignato, Artistic Director of our hair style collections.

It is a service carried out with increasing attention and ease, thanks to new, fast and simple products which have made their way onto the market; just like Lunex Light Fast Kemon. Perfect for bleaching in up to two tones after cutting, blow drying and with little straightening: in essence, a perfect definition of hair contouring.

“It is based on the principle of ‘light = light-coloured = enlargement effect’, and ‘shadow = dark = shrinkage effect’ – Mauro explains -, skilfully measuring out the nuances, because the effect should be soft and subtle”. And it is essential that a dedicated and personalised study is carried out before going forward: “We need a morphological consultation which analyses the face type, and a good hairdresser, because it is an effective colouring technique but equally as complex, it needs an experienced hand and the right product”.

Lunex Light Fast is perfect because it can bleach in up to two tones. It can also be applied after blow drying, and in just a few strokes of a hair straightener, even the most doubtful user will be convinced of how easy it is to apply, and the quality of the results. A revolution that has only just started.

Alessandro Di Giacomo / Valentina Monti