• Banksy Pulp fiction cm
  • Banksy Applause  cm
  • Banksy Chalk reaper  cm
  • Banksy Flying Copper  cm
  • Banksy Girl with balloon cm
  • Banksy Heavy Weaponry  cm
  • Banksy Lab rat  cm
  • Banksy Stancil cm
  • Banksy Think Tank  cm
  • BanksyLove is in the air flower trower  cm
  • Wor Capitalisom and Liberty Fond
  • Wor Capitalisom and Liberty Fond

BANKSY / In Rome an exhibition by the legendary street artist

He was the greatest of them all. Now considered a major historical figure in the world of art: 150 works on display, all from private collections. See the gallery...

Get insight into the imagination of the extraordinary artist known as Banksy. You can go to admire his works at Palazzo Cipolla, Via del Corso, Rome, where they are on display until 4 September. The exhibition also provides an opportunity to think about what street art really means. This seems particularly apt at this moment in time when Blu, another artist, has protested by erasing all his murals in Bologna, calling into question the very foundations of this art form, which combines painting, installation, drawing and performance.

To be precise, the exhibition only shows works from private collections or which have not been taken from the street (rather, they were all created by Banksy as individual pieces for private display). They represent an attempt to take street aesthetics off the street.

Walking through the halls of Palazzo Cipolla, though, you can’t help but wonder if this art form, in fact, still has meaning removed from the its context. After all, the purpose of Banksy’s work is to surprise us as we turn the corner, go shopping or come back from work. His aesthetic is completely akin to advertising, with its direct, rapid and almost instantaneously transmitted message. The street, itself, is an integral part of the work. The rupture between the image we have of the world and what the artist, in contrast, reveals to us about it is what makes us reflect.

What is certain is that the exhibition makes you eager for more. You can see close-up how this writer from Bristol worked, using stencils, posters, irreverence and poetry. The exhibition is expertly curated and the displayed works provide a comprehensive itinerary through the corpus artis of Banksy, already considered a major historical figure in the art world.

War, Capitalism & Liberty
Dal 24 maggio al 4 settembre 2016
Palazzo Cipolla – Via del Corso 320 – Roma

Federico Flamminio