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  • South Carolina Morning
  • Soir Bleu

PAINTING SILENCE Edward Hopper in Bologna

“Soir Bleu” is also amongst the paintings exhibited: seven characters seeking peace, including the famous absent-faced clown

He made his first course on painting, at the age of 17, with the New York School of Illustrating by correspondence. He travelled a lot in Europe, in his quest for the roots of painting. London, Berlin, Paris in the 1910s, when the Avant-garde movement was getting underway, and Picasso was beginning to show the world what Cubism was. Then he returned to the US, where he remained until he died. Edward Hopper didn’t have an easy life. He sold his first painting for $250 in 1913. His second, Apartment Houses, wasn’t sold for another 12 years, yet by that stage his genius was recognised.

He’s probably the most famous American painter ever, or better, he’s the painter that depicts the America we most know in the world. The characters he paints are locked inside the places they live, usually on their own, such as the Cape Cod beach house, or the famous House by the Railroad, which inspired Hitchcock for his house in Psycho. There’s always something that seems to get caught on Hopper’s canvases, a feeling of distance and nostalgia. European impressionist poetry purged and brought to the surface by realistic American emotions.

More than 60 paintings that cover his entire lifeworks on show from 25 March to 24 July in Palazzo Fava – Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Bologna. The exhibition is organised by Barbara Haskell – curator and sculptor of Whitney Museum of American Art – in collaboration with Luca Beatrice.

OpeningMonday – Sunday 10.00 – 20.00 (Ticket office closes one hour before closure)

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