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Helmut Newton’s nudes: erotica in fashion and art

“I think that Margaret Thatcher was the pinnacle: what could possibly be more sexy than power?” (Helmut Newton). Exhibited are 200 of his works. Browse the gallery…

Helmut Newton’s first three legendary photography books are on exhibit in Venice: fashion and glamour photography was revolutionised in the 70s with White Women, Sleepless Nights and Big Nudes. Helmut Newton has always toyed with the light and shadow elements of femininity to exalt the beauty of the naked body and raise it to the point of being an autonomous work of art.

White Women – his first book – is a mélange of commissioned and autonomous shots that introduced nudity in fashion photography for the first time. Sleepless Nights, featuring 69 photographs (31 in colour and 38 in black and white) taken for various magazines (Vogue being one of them), is a volume that defines Newton’s style, rendering him an icon in fashion photography circles. Featuring 39 black and white pictures, Big Nudes is a collection of awesome blow-up shots that distort the tradition view of full-length portraits.

More than 200 of Newton’s works are available to admire on exhibit at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice between the 7th April and 7th August 2016, thanks to  collaboration between the Civita Tre Venezie and the Helmut Newton Foundation. This exhibition is the result of a project born in 2011, undertaken voluntarily by the will of June Newton, the photographer’s widow.

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