• RobertDoisneau/Ilbaciodell’HôteldeVille, ©AtelierRobertDoisneau
  • RobertDoisneauL'informazionescolastica,Parigi,/©AtelierRobertDoisneau
  • RobertDoisneauLadiagonaledeigradini,Parigi,/©AtelierRobertDoisneau
  • RobertDoisneau,AutoritrattoconRolleiflex,/©AtelierRobertDoisneau

The world’s most famous photograph

Doisneau’s stolen kiss exhibited in Monza

The Kiss is one of the most famous photographs in the world – but Robert Doisneau’s eye also managed to capture many others throughout half a century of work.

From 1929 to 1979: fifty years and 80 original photographs, vintage silver gelatine bromide prints. The exhibition at Monza’s Arengario, from March 19 to July 3, 2016, is set to satisfy visitors’ desire for beauty and poetry with a philological exploration of the French photographer and his artistry, displayed chronologically.
Everyday wonders, the exhibition’s title, captures the true essence of Doisneau’s work: humanity and all its weaknesses at the centre of the mechanical eye, and slices of wondrous everyday life captured as unrepeatable moments of beauty.

Robert Doisneau. Le merveilleux du quotidien, curated by Atelier Robert Doisneau, is organised by Fratelli Alinari. Fondazione per la Storia della Fotografia and ViDi in collaboration with Comune di Monza, with scientific guidance from Piero Pozzi.

Federico Flamminio