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Hair team: The signatures of the hair fashion collections

The signatures of the hair fashion collections

Roman. She began learning in her earliest years at her mother’s salon, achieving the success and notoriety for which she is known by hairdressers and the public at large in the world of hairstyling. Her first salon on Via Foschini, in the outskirts of the Capital, was her magnifying glass on the world: “I trained by comparing myself with real life, amongst people. This is why I love Pop Art… We resemble each other in order to communicate: it is a challenge to tradition through pop culture”. She loves art, especially Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and owns one of his canvas oil paintings, which she refers to as “the biggest gift I ever gave myself”. She currently works at three salons (Prati, Parioli, Eur) that bear her name and represent the highest level of Roman hairstyling. A lover of literature, “I even opened a bookshop with my sister Manuela”. She spends her free time with her children, drives a Mini Countryman, and would never give up her holidays alone with her friends: “Every year, for the past fifteen years”. While abroad she likes to go around and get her hair done at the most important salons: “In New York I tried a ton… Never haircuts, just styling”. The salon that struck her the most: “Provost, in Paris, Champs Elysées neighbourhood, their blow-dry lasted me a week”.

Age 38, from Rome, Montespaccato neighbourhood. Stefano began learning at 16 years old: “I studied at the Genesis Liceo del Parrucchiere (Genesis Hairstyling Academy) in Rome”. Currently, he is one of the Artistic Directors on Alessia’s staff, primarily handling haircuts and hairstyling. Preferred fashion designers: “Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood”. He collects Starbucks coffee cups, silver bracelets and rings, “I have more than 20”. Favourite music: “Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse”. He drives about Rome in a Smart car, adores cheese and buffalo milk mozzarella and loves to cook, especially “my own special carbonara: made with short pasta, olive oil, pork jowl, onion, parmesan cheese and lots of pepper”.

From Rome, EUR neighbourhood, Riccardo Rota is 28-years-old. He studied film and television at Istituto Roberto Rossellini. “I started out self-taught; then I specialised with Alessia”. He is one of the Artistic Directors on the staff of the Alessia Solidani Salon; he primarily handles public relations and fashion consulting. Favourite city: Amsterdam, “I’ve been there six times”. Last memorable concert, “Tiziano Ferro at the Olympic Stadium, with our entire team”. He loves to eat raw fish, drives a Toyota IQ and collects vinyl records, “the one I am most attached to: Confessions on a Dance Floor by Madonna, pink limited edition”.

Foto: Francesco Polidori