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  • REVERSE STREET ART William Kentridge redesigns the Tiber Waterfront
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  • Photo by Alice Marinelli

REVERSE STREET ART William Kentridge redesigns the Tiber Waterfront

"Triumphs and Laments" is one of the largest works of art in the world

550 metres of giant mythological figures between Mazzini and Ponte Sisto, along the Tiber Waterfront in Rome. It is an immense work of street-art designed and created by the South African artist William Kentridge. Innovative and ingenious, because Kentridge does not use spray, colours or cans, but only stencils, shapes and gigantic jets of water: with the power of steam the dirt and smog-encrusted surfaces accumulated over the centuries are cleaned, leaving giant figures of classical Ancient Roman art.

Organized by Tevereterno, the project is called Triumphs and Laments and is in size one of the greatest works of art of the last years. Also known as Reverse Graffiti, the name of this technique of intervention is “selective clean-up”. Continuously changing as years go by, the pollution and vegetation will create attractive natural shades on the templates, which will be increasingly covered, until they finally disappear altogether. It is the very same effect that occurs with the first human graffiti in prehistoric caves.

Alessandro Di Giacomo
Photo: Facebook Tevereterno + Alice Marinelli