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Seven shades of nude, the new campaign featuring dancers in tutus

Back in 2013, Christian Louboutin launched “five shades of nude” and his famous Nude Collection, with adaptable shades for all skin tones. For the new season the luxury French footwear brand is offering an even wider choice of shades for their Solasofia ballerina flats (as well as for the Pigalle Folies stilettos and open-toe t-bar Senora): the number of shades available has grown from five to seven (priced from 450 euros), and they are named, from lightest to darkest, Lea, Nue, Nats, Maya, Safki, Ada and Toudou.

The campaign, which features dancers, of all ethnicities, in tutus, has been a huge success on social networking sites for days. And it is intriguing that the “multiethnic” turning point that was reached a few years ago should have sprung from a moment of spontaneous reflection, as explained on the company’s blog: “I always made flesh coloured shoes in beige,” says Louboutin, “Until a colleague of mine pointed out that beige was not the colour of her skin”. Even the famous red sole, Louboutin’s signature hallmark, derives from a momemt of random intuition, as explained in the blog: once, a red nail polish that was being used by an employee struck a chord with Louboutin, and decided to use it as the colour of his soles. “Chance and mood rule the world” (François de La Rochefoucauld).

Alessandro Di Giacomo