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State of the Art: Séraphine e Priscilla by Luis Alberto Alvarez

Séraphine e Priscilla

Séraphine de Senlis was a spontaneous, visionary painter. In the few years, between the two World Wars, she produced pictures that are the culmination of the naïve movement. Luis Alberto Alvarez, in his work Séraphine e Priscilla, pays homage to these incredible floral arrangements produced by Séraphine. Normally these compositions are classified as “still lifes”, but the oxymoron, in this case, is glaringly obvious. The vitality is powerful, the dynamics explosive, the colours project outward, just like the pictures by Séraphine, who burned out her talent in a bright way before dying locked up in an insane asylum. A homage and a warning: today, like then, life through art is a calling, lived in a precarious balance perched above the abyss.

Luis Alberto Alvarez was born in Mexico City in 1980. In 2003 he moved to Rome, where he was awarded a degree from the Academy of Art. Since 2011 he has been working at the Studio Sotterraneo, in the Pigneto neighbourhood, a collective, interdisciplinary laboratory of artistic research in which muralism, theatre and music are practiced together.