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Contemporary salon

From a human handprint in a prehistoric cave to the latest artist installation, the debate about what can be defined as art has never ceased. Pure ability? The ability to evoke
emotions? Innate skill?

Andi Potamkin, a 27-year-old American, has found her personal interpretation by comingling: it is a special type of intuition that led to the establishment of her first hair salon in New York with her hairstylist boyfriend Jordan Blackmore. The New York salon is also an art gallery, the first of its kind. Three Squares Studio is a space focused on beauty and creativity that combines the experience of perfect details with the experience of a new exhibition every three months.
In this exclusive place wood and mirrors, hair cut lines and hair colour are found alongside books, designer objects, fashion and furnishings. The classic salon smocks are replaced by silk tunics, and along with getting their hair cut, clients are served champagne or cappuccinos. It is a place where hairstylists are defined as “artists” and where the scrupulous attention to service has garnered Andi and Jordan, who is now her husband, the most envied client list in NY: it includes stylists Brian Atwood and Marc Jacobs (Jordan is responsible for his blue hair a few years ago), the model Irina Shayk, and actress Leighton Meester.

And if it weren’t enough that the VIP clients spread the word about them, the enthusiastic reviews of every site in which the salon is present would be enough to understand that art is not univocal, academic, crystallised. Art can really be a perfect cut, executed with great care, surrounded by the beauty of unique objects and works of art selected with passion.