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Books: Living Under The Sun / Dispacci dai Caraibi

Living Under The Sun
The word “paradise” recalls the image of a beach with extremely fine white sand under a tropical sun that warms the soul and a cool breeze that nurtures the thoughts.
If you don’t have the possibility of dropping everything and taking refuge in the tropics, you are nevertheless free to fantasize about it in the very colourful pages of Living Under the Sun, a publication by the meticulous Gestalten, that accompanies us in our discovery of the idea of a peaceful retreat. South America, the Orient, Australia: for the past few years, tropical dwellings have become the new place for architects and designers to experiment, challenging themselves to create spaces in which the exterior and interior environments coexist in luminous, dreamlike harmonies.

Dispacci dai Caraibi
Campagnoli / Graziani

Between Venezuela and Florida there is an expanse of water imbued with myth: the Caribbean Sea. Everyone has dreamed of going at least once in their life, attracted by the destination’s lush natural environment, the beauty of the landscapes, and the warmth of its inhabitants. Behind the image of holiday destination, there are “other” Caribbeans, made up of the people who live there or who have lived there: writers, artists, musicians, people on the run, or those who have gotten lost in the tangled jungle, between the sky and sea.
Matteo Campagnoli and Stefano Graziani decided to tell the tale of all this by sending Dispacci dai Caraibi (Dispatches from the Caribbean). And Humboldt Books, along with Quodlibet, chose to publish these dispatches for the pleasure of readers and adventurers.