• Handtas gemaakt van karton vilt pauwenveren en houten beeld Bouwjaar  Nederland

Bag Mania

― Status symbol, dream,
fundamental accessory

Roughly 35 years ago, chance led a Dutch couple to find a beautiful leather and tortoise bag from the early 19th century. Fascinated with the artistry and beauty of the object, they could not resist purchasing what would become only the first of more than 5,000 bags and purses that today make up the collection of the Hendrikje Bag Museum in Amsterdam. The world’s largest bag museum was created from a chance occurrence that became a passionate endeavour.

It is the same passion shared by fashion victims, who are willing to do any foolish thing necessary to snap up an object that has gone beyond its functional use to become
a status symbol, a dream, a fundamental accessory, a timeless classic beyond trends, an icon or statement of modernity.

Created as a simple container, because pockets had not yet been created, the bag with its modern symbolic status, appeared in the 20th century, when it became an element
of fashion and one of the canvases used by stylists to define their idea of a woman.

The Tassenmusem is still much more than a collection of objects, because it allows us to take a journey into the evolution of society, its customs, its aesthetics, and its manufacturing capabilities, exhibiting bags of every style, material and purpose. It provides bag lovers, academics or even just the curious with an enormous database to find inspiration, visions, stories and passion. These are the things that are needed to create these little masterpieces that led two normal people to become the most important collectors in the world, giving everyone the possibility of admiring the history of that world, seen from the point of view of a bag.