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Re-Action Beauty

Historically a free city and the last bastion of the fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona lives and breathes through experimentation. For decades the cresting the wave spirit of the capital city of Catalonia has evinced an innovative longing for change: from …

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Més que una ciudad

“Barcelona: Such a beautiful horizon; Barcelona: like a jewel in the sun” (Freddie Mercury). Dynamic, youthful, vibrant, eccentric: the largest non-capital city in Europe; a density of 16 thousand people per square kilometre; its own language – Catalan – which is the most spoken nonnational …

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Dynamic, cresting the wave, rapt by culture

Barcelona does not comprise just one architecture nor is it just one city. Barcelona is a multitude of architectures and urban fabrics linked together, different cities: Barcelona is the sea, it is Catalan culture, it is movement, too. It has ever been thus. Barcelona is …

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Spring Summer 2020 hair fashion Collection

It was called Green Fashion when it first appeared on the scene and began to make waves in the early 90s. Nowadays, it is a movement that is aware of the importance of each being on the planet, within which fashion is an active component. …

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Here straight lines are incompatible with nature

Modernism (in Catalonia) and also Art Nouveau (in France, Belgium, Spain and South America), Liberty or Floreal (in Italy), Jugendstil (in Germany and the Nordic countries): an architectural movement born to break with the past and introduce a new aesthetic; appearing in the late 19th …

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Cutting edge design and architecture are characteristics that Barcelona has always cultivated and revealed. The Gothic quarter, the heaving Ramblas, the vestiges of Catalan Modernism that colour and foster the aesthetics of the city: signs of an inclination towards experimentation and the cutting edge – …

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An open, fluid, mutable, elegant ambience

By 1929 Europe had left the destruction of the first worldwide conflict in the rear view and was living among the faded memories of the Belle Époque and the “wondrous destiny and progress” of the modern world, unaware of what would befall it in just …

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Spring Summer 2020 hair fashion Collection

“Above all, fashion is the art of change”, said John Galliano and never before has there been an atmosphere so filled with developments and a desire to innovate. A series of social phenomena, among them #Metoo, the Weinstein case and the Women’s March, have awakened …

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Behind the Hair fashion collection

Kemon hairstylist team, creators of the Spring/Summer Collection 2019. Antonio Candido ▪ Aged 35, from Lecce. An expert in barbering and styling, he is responsible for the hairdos and image of various models, influencers, musicians and footballers.  Always on the lookout for ideas among the underground …

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Adaptación, inspiración, asociación

“You’ll be hard pressed to find anything better than Barcelona for food, aside from it being the centre of everything” (Anthony Bourdain). “Adaptation, inspiration, association” were the stages in the creative curve at Bulli, Ferran Adrià’s restaurant which took its place in the annals of …