Love The Sign: The objects that have made the history of the Italian design

The objects that have made the history of the Italian design

Italy is immediately associated with one word: style. Italian style, which for the entire 20th century set fashion standards and amazed the entire world. Much of the credit goes, without a doubt, to the architects and designers, but there are also companies who always believed …

Hand made in Italy

Selected ateliers

It is a trip in search of Italian excellence, from North to South, by way of stories about life and passions. The stars are Italy’s master artisans, the invaluable guardians of a unique heritage that is treasured and recognised around the world. All of the …

Superfluo necessario

Best of Haute Couture

The style and very high-quality production of cloche that are part of the history of Haute  Couture. We present you with a selection of images, true masterpieces, made possible thanks to an open source culture project promoted by the Metropolitan Museum of New York, which …

Bride: Alessia Solidani Brides

Ethereal and luminous, Alessia Solidani brides have an ineffable expressive naturalness. Typically female elegance finds the perfect balance. Between intimacy and sharing, the light weaves through the movement of the hairstyle, emphasising an idea of beauty that is reinforced in the characteristic features of a …

Swarovski Story

120th anniversary

Sand and lead make such a boring combination that none of us would ever dream of paying attention to it for more than the time needed to read the names. And yet, when sand and lead (plus quartz and minerals) are skilfully combined and blended, …