K-NOW #3

True Visionary Heritage

Nowadays “heritage” – from the Latin ‘hereditas’ (“inheritance”) – is linked to the concept of cultural heritage passed down through the generations; “cultural heritage” in the sense of knowledge, identity, wisdom shared by a community. A heritage in transformation, mutable, one that by its very …

K-NOW #3
Tree Canopy walkway

One of the world’s most enchanting botanical gardens – 528 hectares (36 cultivated, the remainder protected forest), trails blazing through luxurious vegetation, flowers, plants, trees and the remnants of a wild almond border (planted in 1660 by Jan van Riebeek to demarcate the extent of …

Afro trends

Kirsten Goss Jewellery / kirstengoss.com

Kirsten Goss was born in South Africa although her worklife began in London. Studying economics, she diversified into a degree in goldsmithing and jewellery design as this “was the strangest thing I could do while still doing something academic”, split between her mathematical mind and …

K-NOW #3
African lovers

Behind the Cape-Town shooting

Although it has the whiff of an undying fascination inspired by the millennia-old African culture that gave birth to all the races of the modern world, Cape Town is as European as you will find in Africa. Supremely creative, unique, different, with its conflictive past …

Tribal art

Southern Guild Gallery / southernguild.co.za

In 2014, Cape Town was elected World Design Capital, an honour granted every two years by the World Design Organization in recognition of cities that use design effectively as a guiding force for economic, social, cultural and environmental development. This honour was both recognition of …

Zeitz Mocaa

Brutalismo sudafricano / zeitzmocaa.museum

The largest contemporary African art gallery, 9500 m2 across the nine floors of the Grain Silo Complex, this city’s landmark building, alongside the port, is an old granary dating back to the 20s (decommissioned in the 90s) which stored all the grain coming in from …

Future Active

Spring/Summer 2019 Hair fashion collection

The evolution of the “sportswear” scene has led to a disconnect with actual physical activity, yet retaining the necessary components thanks to how easy it is to pull on these comfortable outfits. The name of the mood expresses an outlook that reveals a future that …

15 on Orange Hotel

Within shouting distance of the Company Gardens (created around 1650 by the first European colonists to grow fresh produce to supply the ships sailing around the Cape, and home to the oldest pear tree in South Africa), with a beautiful view out over Table Mountain, …

Cultural fusion

Spring/Summer 2019 Hair fashion collection

A modern understanding of “ethnic”, a concept that was once clearly distinct between East and West, embodied by refined African tribal patterns. Nowadays, modern times and the chance to travel around the world in person or virtually enable greater contact between cultures that are world’s …

K-NOW #3 Hair team portraits

Behind the Hair fashion collection

Kemon hairstylist team, creators of the Spring/Summer Collection 2019.   Antonio Candido / Aged 34, from Lecce. An expert in barbering and styling, he is responsible for the image of models, influencers, rappers and footballers. Highly active on social media, fashionfocused, and always on the …