In this section dedicated to design, we will discover what are in terms of design, from everyday objects to those of furniture, from vintage to modern, objects that should never be missing to better decorate our lives.

A room should never allow the eye to stop and observe a single seat. It should smile and create fantasy. (Juan Montoya)

Afro trends

Kirsten Goss Jewellery /

Kirsten Goss was born in South Africa although her worklife began in London. Studying economics, she diversified into a degree in goldsmithing and jewellery design as this “was the strangest thing I could do while …

Tribal art

Southern Guild Gallery /

In 2014, Cape Town was elected World Design Capital, an honour granted every two years by the World Design Organization in recognition of cities that use design effectively as a guiding force for economic, social, …

Zeitz Mocaa

Brutalismo sudafricano /

The largest contemporary African art gallery, 9500 m2 across the nine floors of the Grain Silo Complex, this city’s landmark building, alongside the port, is an old granary dating back to the 20s (decommissioned in …

15 on Orange Hotel

Within shouting distance of the Company Gardens (created around 1650 by the first European colonists to grow fresh produce to supply the ships sailing around the Cape, and home to the oldest pear tree in …

Alphabet Dieter Rams

The historic objects of the great German designer are transformed into a brilliant alphabet

From Beijing, graphic designer Gao Yang’s Art Particle, expresses his admiration for Dieter Rams, creative director of the German company Braun from ’61 to ’95 and author of the 10 principles of good design (including the famous “Less, …

Petz Hornmanufaktur

"If someone says: I can do it too, it only means that he is able to imitate, otherwise he would have done it sooner" (Bruno Munari)

A tree-lined courtyard in the 15th district of Vienna. When you enter the Petz Hornmanufaktur factory it is as if time stands still: the air is rich with the scent of hot cow horns and …


An Inventory of Private Houses in Southern Puglia

Salento Moderno brings together a range of private homes built since the 1950s in Salento, in the area to the south of Lecce: single and double-family dwellings which, in terms of quality and variety, represent …


Mykita glasses shops

Its first headquarters, in Berlin, were an ex-kindergarten, Kita in German, hence the name Mykita. And it is probably a coincidence but creativity, reinterpreting rules in a personal key and the capacity to think out-of-the-box …


Liquidrom /

If every space is friendly in Berlin, this is one of the friendliest spaces in Berlin. Liquidrom is a “sensorial water world”, maximum contemporary evolution of the concept of Design SPA, where it is possible …

Terento public school

It's a primary and secondary school, library and market. There should be more schools like this in Italy, not just in Bolzano provence

It is a holistic village concept, which the Viennese architecture studio feld72 planned when they designed the new Terento school complex, 1,750 inhabitants in the province of Bolzano. The kindergarten was added to the old …

How good are italian packaging designers?

During Milan Design Week, three projects in which rediscover style and elegance of made in Italy in every-day objects

FATTO BENE // The Italian Everyday Archetypes project offers a selection of common, but well designed, objects for sale. Project managers, journalist Anna Lagorio and photographer Alex Carnevali, also collect photographs and stories of …

Design before design

110 years of Olivetti on display in Rome: the most beautiful typewriters in the world

Design before the birth of design, before we knew what it was, before it started to improve our lives, to infuse beauty into everyday objects; the vision of progress, of the people, of corporate social …


Brutalismo tropicale

When the transformation of the massive Suntrust Bank building was announced in 2005, there was a determination not to create yet another cement parallelepipedon with a shopping centre and multistorey car park. The renowned Swiss …


Here rules the South Beach law: keep healthy and on shape

Overwhelmed by all-night parties, shopping, crystal blue waters and white sand, art, design and meticulous urban furniture, guests at the Washington Park Hotel step into a world where they are welcomed with a refreshing cocktail …

Snøhetta’s last marvel

Only reachable from the sea, Svart is the most environmentally friendly hotel in the world

North of Norway in the Arctic Circle, at the base of the Svartisen glacier, with one foot on the earth and one in the water, Snøhetta architecture studio has produced its latest design miracle. The …

Under, a restaurant on the sea bed

The first in Europe, yet another miracle bearing starchitect Snohetta’s signature

It is called ‘Under’: in English, and ‘wonder’ in Norwegian.  Pure wonder really is what this first undersea restaurant in Europe evokes, designed by the Snøhetta starchitects (architecture studio, along with other creators, also belonging …

Leaves of interwoven hair

"Here we are in autumn"... Leaves and hair are falling this time of the year: see the beautiful hair sculptures by Jenine Shereos...

The idea has come from the Victorian practice of plaiting hair into bracelets, necklaces and rings to commemorate the deceased. Conversely, the modern idea came to American artist Jenine Shereos, after seeing maple leaves with …

Tiny is chic

From maxi to mini, sobriety conquers the world of tattoos. So discreet you'll have to look for it: see the new trend

Large tattoos are quickly going out of fashion, being replaced by the new and much more understated fashion for minimal tattoos. SUBJECTS // Tiny stars and hearts are top of the list, but also initials …


Philipp Plein has accustomed us to bursts of luxury throughout his career. We find thus, like a stamp that adds further beauty to his world, the new London flagship store on the famous New Bond …

HairStyling Power [by iPhone 7]

Apple tribute to hairstylists: Watch the spot set in a "family" barber shop to advertise #iPhone7 new portrait function...

The importance of changing look and keeping track of it with nice pictures: it’s Apple new spot liet-motiv for iPhone 7 portrait function. Set in a “family” barber shop (such as plenty of women are …

The first heat-sensitive hair dye

Developed by a London design studio, it changes colour based on temperature and mood fluctuations: provocation or reality?

Scientific discoveries and the ensuing technology developments have often been applied to environments that have less to do with science and more with fashion and design. One of the most recent trends involves heat-sensitive inks …

Living in the trees

Comfort and design in the midst of nature

A tree house is every child’s dream: an “unreachable” refuge from adults, another world, enclosed and intimate, which represents solitude and protection. Films have shown us several examples: from the simple branch of Tarzan to …

Less but better

“Good design is invisible” (Dieter Rams)

He is considered a father figure by younger designers: an innovator, an artist, and a patriarch. And just like Moses, Dieter Rams, a German born in 1932, son of a carpenter from whom he acquired …

Contemporary Salon #21

Hair BREEN Tokyo

Omotesandō is an avenue in Tokyo that was designed as the main approach to the Meiji Shrine (the place name literally means “frontal approach”). The name now extends to an entire district, which over the …

Objects #21

FurNature + Fl/Y + Sofort + Pixel Vision + Mygdal / Flyte / Block

FUR NATURE Design by Sovrappensiero, Milan / Furniture accessories deliberately left unfinished, so that they become an integral part of the style of the home where they are placed. Presented in Milan Fuorisalone 2016, …

Abruzzo strong, fine (and wonderful)

Pine Cube is a design for relaxing in contact with nature. A project for lifting up one’s head again through ingenious ideas, without selling off one’s own territory

Like being in an aquarium. No fish inside – only you. Alone or in a pair, relax on a comfortable chaise longue, with a small wood-burning stove to keep you warm. An aquarium inside out …

The hair dryer of the future

Design and performance never seen before: "Supersonic", the new frontier for hair dryers

It’s called Supersonic and it is the result of four years of work by a team of 103 engineers with an investment of 70 million euros for the creation of a laboratory that studies hair …


Hipster versions of contemporary leaders, designed by Amit Shimoni

Contemporary world leaders and heads of state like you’ve never seen them before. With his keen intuition, Israeli designer Amit Shimoni has created hipster versions of the most important men in modern history, complete with …

Minimal tattoo

*TREND ALERT / Just simple names, dates, crosses or hearts: the new fashion in tattooing is for minimal digital...

Suprematism is an avant-garde artistic movement that was founded in 1915 in Russia by Kazimir Malevič. It was theorised by the poet Majakovskij and its aim, through the simplification of figurative elements, was to achieve …

Bisazza Mosaics

The magnificent history of Italian-made mosaics

The Muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (the personification of “Memory”) were the protector goddesses of the arts, and their guide was Apollo who was in turn the God of the Arts. It appears …

Jewellery for Hair

The latest trend in high fashion jewellery: simple, minimalistic lines with precious stones and sophisticated designs

Spring/Summer 2016 runways were blossoming with hair accessories; what women have always used for comfort is now turning more and more into a chic and glamorous addition. Fruit and flowers from Dolce & Gabbana, lace …

Christo on Lake Iseo

“The Floating Piers”, the greatest work of land art in history

It is the greatest work of land art ever created, in both size and visual impact. The Floating Piers, a project by artist Christo Vladimirov Yavachev, was inaugurated Saturday 18th June at Lake Iseo. Four and …

Hand made in Italy

Selected ateliers

It is a trip in search of Italian excellence, from North to South, by way of stories about life and passions. The stars are Italy’s master artisans, the invaluable guardians of a unique heritage that …


The most impressive conference centre in Italy: the location of the 21st Kemon Days

Modern, technological, elegant an environmentally friendly. These are a few adjectives that describe the Rimini Palacongressi with a surface of 38,000 square metres and a maximum capacity of 9,000 seats. On Sunday, April 10th, the …

LOUIS VUITTON F-W 2016 / What is left of glamour…

With his typical sophisticated elegance, Ghesquière alludes to and reworks that which remains of glamour: the beauty and hedonism of then, thirty years later

An architecture within the architecture, Nicolas Ghesquière presents the umpteenth jewel collection for Autumn/Winter 2016/17 in a beautiful setting within the Louis Vuitton Foundation: with black and white geometric floor and polygonal columns of splintered …

Contemporary salon

From a human handprint in a prehistoric cave to the latest artist installation, the debate about what can be defined as art has never ceased. Pure ability? The ability to evoke emotions? Innate skill? Andi Potamkin, a …


250 models and 2,000 years of history on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Over two thousand years of history, charm and seduction, for an accessory that exerts an irresistible attraction on women. Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, the exhibition in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, brings together …