Ten years and 21 issues. The Italian Touch is a Kemon editorial project that promotes hair fashion and creates worldwide salon culture. Hairstyling united with fashion, art and design through a cosmopolitan, creative communications workshop: this is what we are trying to do with our hair fashion collections and through our in-depth explorations on the most innovative and interesting trends.
No magazine offering needs elaborate introductions, just leaf through it and you soon get the idea of what it is about. It is the same with the The Italian Touch website: no advertising, the same cultural and design objectives as the two weekly magazines, of the spin-off Your Touch and the special new White dedicated to Haute Couture. But on theitaliantouch.com you can read every week in-depth pieces and articles on art, fashion, culture, design and hair trends. It is for readers looking for attention to detail, previews and trends, put together by an editorial team that is culturally in-the-swim.

Director: Alessandro Di Giacomo
Layout concepts and graphic design: assoadv.it
Artistic Director – Hair fashion collections: Mauro Galzignato
Editorial: Federico Flamminio, Valentina Monti, Francesco Polidori
Owner and chief editor: Kemon S.p.A.
Chairman: Giuliano Nocentini
Marketing Director: Francesca Nocentini

Via Enrico Mattei 35 – 06016 San Giustino (PG)
Tel (+39) 075 861801