K-NOW #4

Behind the Hair fashion collection

Kemon hairstylist team, creators of the Spring/Summer Collection 2019.

Pierre Baltieri

PIERRE BALTIERI / Aged 32, from Bologna. A passionate advocate of technology and digital graphic expression, he is one of the coordinators for the texts and step-by-step of the hair looks for the collection. A freelance stylist, he works with major magazines on their photo shoots and fashion productions.

Antonio Candido

ANTONIO CANDIDO / Aged 34, from Lecce. Is the expert on all things barber in the Kemon style team. Has a great affinity for underground subcultures, especially related to tattooing and street-wear. In his salon in Lecce, he is responsible for the image of influencers, footballers and musicians.

Davide Carlucci

DAVIDE CARLUCCI / Di Bologna, 32 anni. Grande passione per tecnologia e grafica digitale, è tra i coordinatori di testi e step by step degli hair-look della collezione. Hairstylist freelance, collabora con importanti riviste in shooting e produzioni moda.

Diego Comandulli

DIEGO COMANDULLI / Aged 32, from Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo). Is highly skilled at colouring and styling, and owns a large salon in Crema where he is personally responsible for the image of many fashion bloggers, actresses and models.

Elisa Franco

ELISA FRANCO / Aged 26, from Piove di Sacco (Padua). Has been on the style team at Kemon for years. Loves to play with tones and strong colours. Works in the family salon in Piove di Sacco and is one of the coordinators for the texts and step-by-step of the hair looks for the collection.

Riccardo Rogari

RICCARDO ROGARI / Aged 36, from Gubbio. This expert instructor from Kemon loves to spend his time on hair care at his salon in Gubbio. Always up on the latest trends, the new hair fashion collections provide him with the opportunity to try out new techniques in cuts and colours.

Mauro Galzignato

MAURO GALZIGNATO / Aged 43, from Mirano (Venice). Artistic Manager at Kemon and for Kemon hair fashion collections. Founder of the Rock&Roll Hair salon chain. Until 2015: Artistic Manager at GHD Italy. He has been in charge of the image and hairstyling for the Milan, Paris and New York Fashion Shows and Fashion Week. Awarded Best Hairdresser of the Year in Italy for 2016; award for creator of the Best Collection, 2017; and in 2018, received the award for Best Hairdresser of the Year for a second time. Last year, he appeared three times on Canale 5 as an instructor in the Big Brother VIP house.