K-NOW #4

De magnalibus Mediolani

The most dynamic city in Italy and among the most innovative in the world, with an average age of 43.6 (51 in Italy) which is expected to fall to 41.7 by 2030 (most especially thanks to the foreigners who make up some 20% of its residents). For years now, Milan has been the number one spot for growth, innovation, research and start-ups. According to iCity Rate (a listing for the best cities to live in), this city is number one for 20% of their indicators (e.g. number of shared vehicles, broadband, co-working).

The city is also valued around the world: it is the “2019 City of the Year” for Wallpaper, the world’s leading lifestyle magazine; for the New York Times, it is the place to be; for Boston’s Reputation Institute, it is number one in Italy and number nine in the world, thanks to “its attractions, business and advanced public and environmental policies”.
That’s why we chose to shoot our new collection here. Milan’s great successes are just those that Kemon, too, aspires to: be a trendsetter, boost resources, make dreams come true, all while feeling one with the world. “A collection divided into an emotional side – ‘Heart’ – where the main character uses fashion to experience and relive times, ambiances and memories that can draw us back into real life. Unfiltered, naked, aware of its own strength but also of weaknesses and imperfections that make it unique, original and fruit of an approach that can also be suggestive once more in the here-and-now of something once seen or done. In the meanwhile, there is rational thought – ‘Earth’ – to raise awareness of the fundamental worldwide environmental and social changes and their impact on beauty, with new inclusivity and fluidity in gender, age and shape. Thus, a desire to grab onto a new aesthetic freedom is born, one that allows for one’s innermost self to be freely expressed with pride, not as militant feminism, but rather as a true form of emancipation” (Mauro Galzignato).
I do hope you enjoy reading what follows.

Francesca Nocentini (Kemon Marketing manager)