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Ultrà scarves of the Museums

Signed Cattelan / Seletti: very cool scarves that combine art and streetwear

Uniting the parallel worlds of art and football was an impossible mission but, in collaboration with Seletti, Maurizio Catellan has succeeded in doing so. In fact, the Italian artist has launched the Museums League collection, part of the broader Made in Catteland project.

This is a series of scarves dedicated to the major museums of the world (from MoMa to the Milan Triennale). Created in ultras style, with bright colours and huge jacquard writing  (the scarves are sold in bookshops and on museum sites at budget prices: 59 euros).

It is the artist’s intention to give everyone the opportunity to become an art collector, regardless of their budget. Paraphrasing Joseph Beuys’ motto, “everybody can be an artist”, Cattelan wants to make each of us a collector instead.

The desire is to overcome the boundaries of art as we are used to thinking about it, explore new ways of reaching the public, and create fans who will declare love for their favourite museum as if it were a team.

Moreover, there is an invitation to rethink museum bookshops and make them places of fruition themselves: contemporary art at its highest conceptual expression.

Valentina Monti