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Petz Hornmanufaktur

"If someone says: I can do it too, it only means that he is able to imitate, otherwise he would have done it sooner" (Bruno Munari)

A tree-lined courtyard in the 15th district of Vienna. When you enter the Petz Hornmanufaktur factory it is as if time stands still: the air is rich with the scent of hot cow horns and you can see the fresh carving dust in the rays of light coming in through the windows.

Petz Hornmanufaktur opened its doors in 1862. Thomas Petz, third generation of the family, has been in charge of Sales Management since September 2008. He learned the trade from his grandfather, the last master craftsman of the Viennese Horn Carver’s Association.

Thomas produces combs, jewels and décor accessories using Watussi cattle horns: jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, table decorations, and high quality horn combs (the company’s most famous product).  All hand-crafted by Thomas Petz.

Smooth surface, antistatic, skilled craftsmanship, tradition and design, “but the most distinctive trait of cow horn is its surprisingly variegated colour and grain”, explains Thomas. Unique and stylish pieces which preserve a centuries-old history of craftsmanship.

Hornmanufaktur Petz Wien in Thomas Petz Nobilegasse 13 s Vienna / petz-hornmanufaktur.at

Elisa Imperi