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This month’s haircut / JUNE 2018

World Cup blond: all the nuances on the heads of Russia 2018 players

It was in distant times when Italy stopped for world cup matches on TV, but even more distant where when David Beckham made the headlines, not only for goals on the pitch but for all the changes to his hair: cuts, lightening and plaits included .

The 2018 World Cup in Russia will be remembered for Italy’s absence, but also for the blonde rage, worn by the players. From the Brazilian player Neymar, with personal hairdresser in tow, who decided to display a nest of straw curls that have immediately become one of the most viewed memes on the web (and have also made him a laughing stock, with none other than Eric Cantona wearing spaghetti on his head: see here).

“The Korean version of Cho Hyun-Woo, who shows off a rockabilly crest with an unlikely dark blorange colour,” also commented Mauro Galzignato, creative director at Kemon. More “handmade”, however, is the blonde of the Japanese, which in fact declines through almost all shades of orange and reminds us of a surely unfashionable do-it-yourself look “.
Not that it has served as a lesson, but it further proves to us that you should rely on a professional alone to work on your hair.

Valentina Monti + Mauro Galzignato