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How good are italian packaging designers?

During Milan Design Week, three projects in which rediscover style and elegance of made in Italy in every-day objects

FATTO BENE // fatto-bene.com/products
The Italian Everyday Archetypes project offers a selection of common, but well designed, objects for sale. Project managers, journalist Anna Lagorio and photographer Alex Carnevali, also collect photographs and stories of historic Italian industrial and craft products. All selected objects are for daily use and are still on the market. You may recognize many from your childhood in the selection below.

THE ITALIAN CASE // instagram.com/theitaliancase/
We may not realize it, but many of our everyday foods are beautifully packaged. The Italian Case project elegantly reminds us of this through an Instagram account that displays Italian products with fantastic packaging. Seeing is believing.

100X100 ACHILLE // fondazioneachillecastiglioni.it/100×100-achille/
In honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Achille Castiglioni, an extraordinary event was organised by the foundation set up in his name. Some of the most important designers in the world were invited to a big party, and were asked to choose a gift for Achilles. The gifts were each sent with a personalized greeting card. A hundred anonymous objects, like those which Castiglioni sought and collected throughout his life, were gathered: a simple collection with a very high symbolic value. Below is a selection.

Alessandro Di Giacomo