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Kate Middleton’s wedding dress on H&M at €199

Our new bride collection by Alessia Solidani will be out on April the 30th. Meanwhile at H&M...

What if your wedding was no longer your big day? The day you’ve dreamt of all your life, planned out in the smallest details, from the ceremony to the flowers, from the guests to the princess dress. What if the women of today were dreaming of self-fulfilment in multiple roles and fields, and no longer saw getting married as the goal to reach in order to settle down? What if they’d rather study, travel, follow their passions, than invest all their energies into planning their dream wedding?

These thoughts must have gone through the minds of staff at H&M style department, which just launched the low-cost version of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress: available for €199 on their Italian website, and for £149.99 in the UK (where it is already sold out). Of course, the lace is not from Bruges, the silk is not really silk and the petticoat is not made of fine muslin, but after all, if getting married is no longer the dream of a lifetime, why spend thousands of euros on a dress you will only wear once?

Valentina Monti