• Maskò – Rovigo

Abandoned clubs

In the Facebook era, the slow decay of real human interaction: see the gallery

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook among the students of Harvard. It triggered an epochal change in our way of interacting. “You can’t make it to 500 million friends without making a few enemies” was the slogan of the film The Social Network. And one of these enemies is, without doubt, places of real interaction. An enormous and silent revolution of customs, before and after facebook.

Maskò – Rovigo

Half of all Italian discos have closed over the last twenty years, being replaced by disco-pubs, happy-hours, DJ sets, beach parties. From more than 5,000 in 1995, their numbers have now dropped to just 2,000 today. “Route to the house of God”, sang the 883s. And a few years ago, Jessica Da Ros, a blogger from Treviso, first on those streets, started to retrace them and document what remained of the entertainment of the 1990s. An interesting social investigation: for two years, camera in hand, she toured the north-east of Italy and took photos.

Ultimo Impero – Torino

Ultimo Impero – Torino

The project is called Memories on a Dancefloor, and shows what is left today: abandoned ruins and cathedrals of excess amidst deserted urban peripheries. Cesar Palace, Divina, Ultimo Impero

Cesar Palace – Cuneo

Divina – Caraglio

Egyptia – Borgo San Dalmazzo

Garden – Treviso

Garden – Treviso

Le cupole – Soave

“(…) It is a little melancholic, leafing through Jessica Da Ros’ images, looking at those forgotten places again, with melancholic chairs and corroded walls, those tombs of memory, when even the bosses of Studio 54 in New York came here, from the most advanced frontiers of entertainment, to see how it was done. As he watched Grace Jones celebrating her birthday at his house, Gianni Fabbri, from his throne in Paradise, responded: “You need to be like us”. Which is? “From Romagna”. Today, that’s not enough» (Pierangelo Sapegno, La Stampa).

Alessandro Di Giacomo