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VUITTON Fall/Winter 2018/19

A blend of tradition and modernity, Vuitton woman is the quintessence of french elegance

The Louvre Museum, with Star Wars style scenography: here Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director at Louis Vuitton, in front of a super parterre of celebrities including Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Sienna Miller, Sophie Turner and Jaden Smith, presented the new Autumn Collection / Winter 2018/2019

A female essence of “Frenchness” updated, which does not lose sight of comfort, while at the same time does not sacrifice style, which brings “suits”, emphasised by shirts with rounded shoulders and a neoprene-like effect with contrasting patterns, played down by overlapping tops or leather shirts, and a spattering of ribbons and fringes.

Skirts with patterns of sequins alternate with the return of folds, there are golden chains at the waist and highly decorated, very stylish shoes, with a heel which exudes comfort.

In the midst of this new “normality”, the touch of originality is left to the asymmetry of a single glove, or of a running cap. Style and elegance, without extravagance.

Valentina Monti