• LOW Arena Courtesy Boxart Verona

The invisible man

Amazingly camouflaged, can you spot him? The incredible performances of Liu Bolin displayed at Vittoriano Museum, Rome

From 2nd March until 1st July, the Chinese artist Liu Bolin will be at the centre of a great exhibition on his incredible art of camouflage at the Rome Vittoriano: in his works the body is always incredibly camouflaged against his background, immobile, like a living sculpture. Considered the world’s greatest body-painting expert, the show will also present the world premiere of an unreleased series of photographs in two incredible Italian World Heritage sites: the Colosseum and Reggia di Caserta. A museum tour that also includes a further 70 photos that are the fruit of a ten-year collaboration with the Boxart Gallery.

Colosseo n°2, Roma, 2017 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona

For the first time, all the scenes that have featured in his prestigious career will be gathered together, to retell the process of assimilation between the artist and the world that surrounds him in manifold forms: monuments, goods or mountains of rubbish. Liu Bolin’s is a silent but conscious testimony of processes in which the singular is merely an imperceptible piece: from globalisation to the possibility of sustainable development that preserves the memory of the past.

Liu Bolin. The invisible man / 2 marzo – 1 luglio 2018. Complesso del Vittoriano / Ala Brasini, Roma

Alessandro Di Giacomo

Duomo di Milano, 2010 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, 2011 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona

Jean Paul Gaultier, 2011 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona

Piazza San Marco, Venezia,2010 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona

Sala del Trono, Reggia di Caserta, 2017 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona

The Hope, 2015 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona

Wall Street Bull, New York, 2011 / Courtesy Boxart, Verona