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The 5 best barber shops in Europe

Prices and plus of La Shaperie, Sam's Barbers, Bullfrog, Dreist and Barber Rules

FRANCE // La Shaperie Paris

Not just a barber, but also optical and headwear. They have four salons in Paris, one of which is decorated by the street artist Chanoir. Masters in hair cutting, their dry cut for men costs 30 euros, with a traditional shave at 35 euros.

IRELAND // Sam’s Barbers Dublin
They rely heavily on their relationship with the customer, ensuring that they are at ease in every possible way. It has been running since 1901, is in its fourth generation, and has 5 barber shops. Hair cutting and shaving with a warm cloth at 75 euros (30 euros for a simple cut, 45 euros for shaving).

ITALY // Bullfrog Milan
From 2013, in Milan, we find 23 square metres of pure haircutting style. In the last four years, they have opened three other salons in Milan, one in the centre, in via Tomacelli in Rome, Varese, Riccione, Turin and Zurich. Open 7 days a week, you must try the Bullfrog Shave, a shave with 7 warm cloths which lasts 45 minutes (cost, 35 euros).

GERMANY // Dreist, Aachen
A reference for luxury denim apparel for many years, recently it is also become a very popular barbers, under the artistic direction of the Dutch guru Armand de la Haye.

GREECE // Barber Rules, Athens
Californian style, with a skater culture, tattoos and custom bikes, it has been open since 2014, and makes the culture of the razor and hipster style its credit. Decorated as a motorcycle workshop, it is busy, and has affordable prices: 15 euros for a cut and 15 euros for a shave.

Alessandro Di Giacomo / Source: The Good Life 11