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The most beautiful nursery school in Italy (and perhaps in the world)

A public structure rebuilt after the earthquake in Emilia: in Italy, when we want to be, we’re the best in the world

When it comes to schools and education, especially in the 0-3 age group, pedagogy and psychology aren’t the only subjects involved. In Emilia they have always known this (it is no coincidence that the Reggio Children model has become an internationally recognised benchmark of excellence) and, when the 2012 earthquake meant that the damaged schools had to be rebuilt, the opportunity was taken to involve the Mario Cucinella Architects studio from Bologna, to create something unique.

Thus, since 2015, the children of Guastalla can attend a nursery school made of wood and glass, with curved, welcoming lines, which resemble the belly of the whale in the fairytale Pinocchio, where everything is thought to reduce the use of energy and natural resources, and to stimulate children from every point of view: sensory, aesthetic, relational, ecological and environmental.
1,400 square metres of a beautiful and visually bright structure, with lamellar wooden frames which reflect the rows of trees and the tracks of the cultivated fields, surrounded by a sensuous garden full of bushes and aromatic plants, which, at 1,600€ per square metre, has shown that building aesthetically and with criteria is not necessarily more expensive.

“The construction of environments for children can be a starting point for reflection on architecture’s role, which is not only a subject for glossy magazines, but can also become an educational tool: space conditions behaviour, and children who grow up in a comfortable, stimulating environment which is suited to their needs, will be more aware as adults “(Mario Cucinella).

Valentina Monti