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The 10 most expensive haircuts in the world in 2017

It’s “only” 600 dollars for the “Rachel” haircut by Chris McMillan (while Stuart Phillips asks for 9,000 and is not even the most expensive…)

The cost of a men’s haircut around the world ranges from 3.10 dollars in New Delhi to 62 in Zurich (according to Business Insider), but there are special salons where a single cut can reach the very highest figures.

Chris McMillan

1. Chris McMillan, 600 dollars. The famous “Rachel cut” (as seen on Friends star Jennifer Aniston) is his work; since then he has acquired many other famous clients (thanks also to the pixie cut that transformed Miley Cyrus from “respectable teenager” to “bad girl”).

Sally Hershberger

2. Sally Hershberger, 800 dollars. The blond curls that have characterised Meg Ryan throughout her career are down to her; she also counts Tom Cruise and Hillary Clinton amongst her clients.

Julien Farel

3. Julien Farel, 800 dollars. Recognised as one of the greatest wizards with scissors. In his New York salon it’s 135 dollars for a children’s cut, and up to 350 for a cut by one of his assistants. But if you want the hands that have taken care of the hair of Kate Moss, not to mention Ines de La Fressange, Salma Hayek, and Richard Gere, be prepared to spend at least 800.

Orlando Pita

4. Orlando Pita, 1,000 dollars. He alternates between catwalks, photoshoots (he was the only hairdresser allowed into Tom Ford’s presence when he was creative director of Gucci), and his salon in New York, Orlo, where he also looks after the hair of Julianne Moore, Madonna, Julia Roberts, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Rossano Ferretti

5. Rossano Ferretti, 1,500 dollars. He doesn’t speak willingly about his famous clients, but is one of those Italians who have become famous throughout the world, with salons in Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. Known for his ‘invisible’ haircut, his client list boasts, amongst others, Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lawrence.

6. Lee Stafford, 2,100 euros. According to the India Times, the hairstylist and star of English TV cuts only in his villa, accompanied by champagne and works of art, and a “follow-up” is also included in the price.

7. Steven Carey, 8,820 euros per year. Rod Stewart has a kind of annual subscription to this stylist, going to this London hairdresser’s salon every three weeks for a trim and lightening.

8. Olivier B., 9,895 euros gross per month. In France, the news has been full of the scandal that the former President Hollande had him on the Elysee’s payroll; between 2012 and spring 2017, this hairdresser with a salon in the 17th arrondissement earned 9,895 euros gross per month (only 5,000 less than Hollande himself) to be at the constant disposal of the President. The case also gave rise to a special hashtag, #coiffeurgate, which inflamed the French media further.

9. Stuart Phillips, 9,000 euros. Holder of the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive haircut, which was undertaken by the English hairdresser in his Covent Garden salon on an Italian woman who spent £8,000 in 2007 for the so-called ‘International VIP hair service’, which also includes a lunch washed down with champagne, scalp massage, personalised selection of products and treatments, and a limousine to and from the airport.

Stuart Phillips

10. Ken Modestou, 24,000 euros. This lucky man has been looking after the Sultan of Brunei’s hair for 16 years, in his salon at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Lucky because his cut, undertaken on a London-Brunei flight with Singapore Airlines, has been worth a good 24,000 euros.

Valentina Monti