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The oldest barber in Italy

Today he turns 83, and every day since 1952, at 8a.m Signor Sergio opens his salon in Brescello: 5 euros for beards, 12 for haircuts

“He has never taken a holiday”, Riccardo Bruno, journalist with Corriere della Sera tells us (full article here). Sergio Bianchi Ballano, who turns 83 today, has been a barber since 1944: “For 73 years, I was ten years old when I started as an apprentice. Then I took over the business, and for the last 18 years I haven’t moved from this shop “. Around fifty loyal customers, and very popular prices: 5 euros for beards, 12 for haircuts. He only uses combs and scissors: “I have a machine, but I don’t like it”.

Signor Sergio has never closed his doors, he told Corriere della Sera, “except once, a couple of years ago, getting out of bed I broke my foot. I was forced to remain closed for two months, I lost so many customers “. Aside from this, he is always open: from 8 a.m until 18.30 p.m, including Sunday mornings. On Mondays, he rests: “But if someone comes I don’t send them away”, he assures, since he lives next door to the shop, just next to la chiesa di Lentigione, a hamlet of Brescello, the town of Peppone and Don Camillo. He has always worked, never taken a day off, and never a holiday. “I do not even know where Bologna is, at most I’ve been to Reggio. I may be doing it wrong, but this is what I wanted to do. For me, my work is an important part of my life. And painting “.The salon is, in fact, a mere four by four metre room, beautifully furnished, with colorful naïf paintings. Dreams for the future: “Let Sgarbi come to judge my artwork”.

Alessandro Di Giacomo / Fonte: Riccardo Bruno – Corriere della Sera, 11/12/2017