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El Dia de los muertos

In Mexico, Halloween is a crazy party full of flowers, skeletons and colours: take a look at the gallery

The days between the end of October and beginning of November are devoted to celebrating those who have passed away in many cultures of the world, however, none of them have quite such a festive air as in the Mexican Dia de los muertos. Of pre-Columbian tradition, and widespread over most of Central and South America, this festival celebrates death joyously, keeping the memory of people who have passed away alive, and on these days, return to visit the living. For this reason, special altars are set up in houses and public places, which represent the door between life and death. In these altars, you can not miss the papel picado (perforated tissue paper and sketched skeleton designs) to represent wind, candles to represent fire, and seeds for the earth. They prepare the favourite foods of their dear loved ones who are no longer with them, and celebrate their return with model skeletons covered in flowers, colours and happiness, there is even music and dancing in the cemeteries.

This festivity was celebrated by the Mayans, Purépecha and Totonaca, the indigenous people of Mexico, and was then joined with Christian tradition, which moved it to the first and second of November.  Wonderful parades and dancing parties are held in the main cities all over the country, to remind everyone that death is a joyous event and that our loved ones, at least in memory, will always be with us.

Valentina Monti