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70 is the new 40

Times are ripe: Vogue dedicates all its magazine, including the cover, to women over 60

It’s called The Timeless Issue: for the first time, the whole issue of Vogue is dedicated to women that have celebrated their 60th birthday (in many cases even their 70th). From the cover and the main feature that portrays 74 year old Lauren Hutton in all her beauty and sensuality, photographed by Steven Klein. The event is all the more significant because the actress is the eldest woman to have ever been on a cover of Vogue in the world (while there have been several men even older than she).

The fashion system has been questioning dogmas and taboos tied to the world of women for some time now: from weight to perfect lines, to incomparable or stereotyped beauties, to genre that is being faced always more fluidly. Age was one of the last strongholds. It began to vacillate also thanks to Hollywood that created roles for not-so-young actresses in recent years, with interesting stories that also talk about a more mature appeal.

“I have the record of covers on Vogue America – 27 – and 13 in the other editions of Vogue, but this is the most important one I have ever done, the one that makes me feel most useful. I dreamt about it for a while, it needed Vogue Italia’s courage to publish it. It is a cover that can change society because it represents an attractive woman, full of life, that still smiles and that is a woman of my age for the first time” (Lauren Hutton).

Valentina Monti