• arvida bystrom

The Adidas campaign using a model with unshaved legs

Would you like to have your legs stroked if you hadn’t shaved?

The 25 year old blonde Swedish photographer, Arvida Bystrom, poses in a white lace dress, pink T-shirt and Superstar sneakers in the latest Adidas campaign. Its distinguishing mark: she has unshaved legs. “I believe that feminism is a cultural concept. Anyone can be feminine or behave like a woman, perhaps society is fearful of that”, explains Arvida in a video posted on her social media feeds that has attracted a lot of views, but also negative comments. It isn’t difficult to understand why Adidas’ decision can be seen as a resounding success. If the goal of an advertisement is to ensure a product is seen, recognised and talked about, well, that is exactly what we are doing now…

Alessandro Di Giacomo