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*TREND ALERT // Chanel Spring-Summer 2018

Karl Lagerfeld's last brightest idea: if raining, transparent hats and exposed hairstyles

In a wonderfully natural setting, with the Grand Palais transformed into a tropical Eden, between canyons and waterfalls, the catwalk is a wooden jetty set over a flowing river. Here Karl Lagerfeld shows us the Chanel Summer 2016 woman: the modern, experimental, urban explorer, surprising use of plastic and vinyl materials, all remixed within the classic Chanel style codes.


In the event of rain, to protect their most valued customers, Chanel decides to produce shoes, hats, gloves and accessories in super-trendy, waterproof, transparent PVC. The wet look is also applied to hair, with wrapped ponytails and rebel locks escaping from the rigour of the central parting.. When it comes to make-up, we find smoky eyes in grey / blue tones and a mouth well-emphasized by lipstick.

Alessandro Di Giacomo // Valentina Monti