• dazed Backstage at Gucci SS Photography Nick DeLieto

This month’s haircut / SEPTEMBER 2017

Nerd goggles, cotonated hair and 80s tufts: the Gucci's "Rave Couture" style for the next Spring / Summer

Defined as “Rave couture”, “Act of resistance to homologation”, “Globe of pure creativity that is not inspired by anything but recreates”, Hypnotism, the latest Gucci Spring/Summer collection by Alessandro Michele mainly re-elaborates the 70s and 80s with a touch of genius. Some of the many references were from Elton John’s incredible looks, the “Guccied” Sega and Marlboro logos, Farah Fawchett, the very blond Charlie’s Angel, type hair styles:  “A ‘crossover’ look that blends the softness typical of the 70s with the ‘back quiff’, big backward combed tuft –  comments Mauro Galzignato -. As if to interpret a double message: a versatile woman that can choose between a more commercial aspect and something more avant-garde. It is certainly of impact and is a look more adapt to be made by the expert hands of a hairdresser than a do-it-yourself job”.

Alessandro Di Giacomo // Ph. Dazed Magazine + Instagram