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GUCCI Spring/Summer 2018

Hyperbolic hair styling with extreme volume and 70's locks along with shaved heads negotiating femininity in hairdos: see the gallery

LOCATION // The Hypnotism collection walks inside the Gucci Hub, the fashion house’s Milanese headquarters, dressed with marble and statues that are reminiscent of Rome. The show is in fact opened by a short film on the Eternal City that pays homage to C’était un Rendez-vous, a short shot by Claude Lelouch in 1976, but set in Paris.

LOOK // Evocations of the 1970s and 80s blend together in a kaleidoscope of colours, pattern, graphic lines, sequins, garish nightclub colours mixed into a look with checked fabrics, mid-length skirts, missish city accessories. In his aesthetic of syncretism and dreamy moods, Michele maintains a through-line of orderly chaos, as if not wanting to give us security, fixed points of reference, easy interpretations. So long and short alternate, gaudy blazers and “sad” beige stockings, gorgeous evening gowns and provincial work ensembles.

HAIR LOOK // “The lack of certainty also extends to the hair, in a collection that presents overblown blow dries with extreme volume and 1970s-style exaggerated side fringes, alongside buzz cuts that are almost a rejection of femininity in a haircut”, says Mauro Galzignato, The Italian Touch’s creative director. Amongst them are “normal” looks that almost seem not to be groomed but instead left to the models’ own style. There are no set rules, no single defined style, but perhaps the freedom to represent just how a precise moment in one’s life feels.

Valentina Monti