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Cholombians: the bad hair subculture

Monterrey's Cholombians worship for horrible hairstyling: look at the gallery

Rat tails, sideburns hair glued to the chicks, emo fringes, shaved patches on the back of the head: some of the features that urban subculture of young Mexicans, mostly from Monterrey, called “Cholombians” meticulously appeal. With such extreme hairdos you can’t be unnoticed, though, they are often labelled as the “bad hair people”.

These Mexican teenager hairstyle is well matched with extremely baggy clothes which might recall the hip hop-gangster look, even though Cholombians are so called because of their love for the Columbian peaceful culture and, of course, Columbian music.

Mark David Alunni
Photo & Source: Messy Nessy