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The longest haired women in the world

They live in a southern china village: more than 2 meters long (with not even one grey hair), they wash with nothing else than fermented rice water for all the lifetime
Worth to take place in the Guinness world book of records as the “world’s longest hair village”, Huangluo is located in southern China’s Guangxi province. Women here, by tradition, cut their hair only once in their life when reaching the 18th birthday and by wearing red/magenta clothes they get called Red Yao.

Hair are considered the most valuable possession for a woman and constantly kept growing strong until measured record lengths of 2.1 meters, with no grey hair. An healthy lifestyle is for sure a big plus in terms of having an healthy scalp, though, Red Yaos have a secret: they wash with a fermented rice based shampoo, a 100% natural solution which is encouraging haircare companies to follow organic solutions.

Mark David Alunni