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*TREND ALERT // Jewellery for your face

Joanne Tan facial ornaments: a new way to champion natural beauty

Fashion, makeup and accessories have always been designed to minimise or hide our ‘imperfections’, and this concept of beauty seems to have accompanied women forever.

Malaysian designer Joanne Tan, a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins, decided instead to create a line of jewellery that helps women fearlessly express themselves. “Not your average beauty” is a series of tribal-inspired facial ornaments made from 18-carat gold, diamonds and pearls, designed to suit western and eastern facial features. The series was created to fight against the idealisation of beauty and obsession with plastic surgery, embellishing a woman’s face without modifying it. Thin gold threads emphasise the wearer’s most ‘delicate’ features, while pearls and diamonds add light, also highlighting imperfections.

A strong message: using fashion to dismantle its own most-negative aspects, in turn encouraging self-esteem and appreciation of one’s natural self.

Valentina Monti