The modern hippie

There are those, like Coachella or H&M, who fine their fashion inspiration in the hippie movement, and then there are those who find freedom

Carlo Bevilacqua travelled around the world for five years in search of communities of people who had chosen to abandon the comforts (and also the stress) of modern society. His magnificent photo essays have been put together in a book, UTOPIA, which has been at the centre of a crowdfunding campaign launched by Crowdbook (click here to pre-order your copy).

“Carlo Bevilacqua, a dreamer in his own right, travelled for some years in search of people who dared to believe in a better world. Whether on their own, in families or in communities, the people he met created thriving, open communities in which everyone respects nature and the freedom of the human spirit. Bevilacqua went looking for people who believed in utopia. He photographed them and listened to their stories so that he could understand their ideas and their points of view. Utopia is the place where our hearts lie. It is not a “non-place” or an “elsewhere”, it is here and now. If we look for it. It is the “right place” that we can create for ourselves, the impossible dream that can come true. If we want it to.” (From the introduction by Arianna Rinaldo, Artistic Director of Cortona On The Move and Curator of PhEst).

Here follows a selection of images from the project.

Alessandro Di Giacomo