Behind the collection: White Edition 2 “The Cathedral of Movement”

Shooting, backstage inspiration

The models are in wedding dresses or evening gowns, and all around them the frenetic life that courses through Milan Central Railway Station – after Termini in Rome, the second busiest by number of travellers. This spectacular and imposing architecture is the backdrop to the shoot for Alessia Solidani’s new creations for Kemon, a series of looks that are refined in their elegance precisely because of their simplicity and everyday setting.

Ulisse Stacchini called it “The Cathedral of Movement”. He was the Roman architect who, in 1912, won the national competition to design the first significant railway station in the city. Milan Central Railway Station was founded when the first stone was laid on 29 April 1906 – a block of red granite weighing six hundred kilograms – and it has served travellers from all over the world since 1931.

Alessandro Di Giacomo
Photo Francesco Polidori / Kemon