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Whose Hair

How well does a hair style describe who you are?


  • Whose Hair 1
  • Whose Hair - Andy Warhol
  • Whose Hair 2
  • Whose Hair - Jimi Hendrix
  • Whose Hair 3
  • Whose Hair - Anna Wintour
  • Whose Hair 4
  • Whose Hair - David Bowie
  • Whose Hair 5
  • Whose Hair - Audrey Hepburn
  • Whose Hair 6
  • Whose Hair - Liza Minnelli
  • Whose Hair 7
  • Whose Hair - Grace Jones
  • Whose Hair 8
  • Whose Hair - Lady Diana



She is an English artist and illustrator, her name is Christina Christoforou, and she works in London and Istanbul. She began to portray the hairstyles of famous people commissioned by the New York Times and, with the passage of time, a book came out of it. Whose hair came out a few years ago, but the idea that underlies it was picked up and selected by the major publisher Gestalten in Visual Families, in bookstores for a few months, a collection of the most creative infographics of all times. “I liked the idea of describing someone using only one element”. So, away with eyes, nose, and mouth: every part of the face is left blank.
Only the hair remains.

The project is almost like a game and presented as a quiz, and what clearly emerges is how much our hair can perfectly describe us and is a determining part of our physical appearance. “A pair of shoes will never lead to a particular person, but hairstyles can completely transform our appearance”. It is the key element in the perception of how we are seen by others. On the other hand, looking at only the eyes, nose or mouth, would you ever be able to recognize Andy Warhol, Jimi Handrix, Audrey Hepburn e Anna
Wintour in these illustrations?