• Kristen Stewart quadrata

This month’s haircut / MARCH 2017

A rock ‘n’ chic Kristen Stewart sporting a “super-short, sculpted blonde haircut with a touch of rose gold: tremendously fashionable!”

She started with a long, dark mane that was her signature over the years of the Twilight saga’s incredible success. Since then, Kristen Stewart has shown just how much she loves to play with style and colour: we saw her try different lengths and go from red to blonde, with several shades of chestnut in between.

But it was her most recent change that took the world of social media by storm, as she showed up to the premiere of her new movie Personal Shopper (in Italian cinemas from April 13) with a new, shaved look.

“Kristen got rid of her long mane in favour of a super-short haircut that a few years ago would have been called androgynous, but today 100% represents the concept of Gender Neutral that is also part of our new spring/summer collections”, says Mauro Galzignato, Creative Director of Collections at The Italian Touch.

“Very well-finished down to the smallest details, with soft edges, and tremendously fashionable thanks to the blonde hue gently blended with a touch of rose gold.”

Valentina Monti / Mauro Galzignato