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State of the art #21

Non solo Piero

The Resurrection by Piero della Francesca, a 15th-century fresco housed in the Civic Museum in Sansepolcro, is brought to life in a joint work by Riccardo Antonelli and Maurizio Rapiti. It is an oil painting on canvas that reflects the artists’ close ties with Sansepolcro: Antonelli, an adopted son of Biturgia, and Rapiti, who was born there, divide the work in two in Non solo Piero. One side has cool tones and textured colour (Antonelli), while the other features warm tones and colour applied without any trace of brushstrokes (Rapiti). The work finds its balance in the stylistic differences, not as provocation but as encouragement to look to the future of art: the value of history cannot be questioned, but neither can we annihilate the infinite possibilities of innovation and experimentation.

Riccardo Antonelli (Città di Castello, 1976) has exhibited together with Marina Abrahmovic at the Florence Biennial in 2009 and the Rome Triennial in 2013. Maurizio Rapiti (Sansepolcro, 1985) has won various awards, including the Paola Occhi Prize in 2014 and the Premio Cascella in 2015.

Alessandro Di Giacomo