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Books #21

The Still Life + The Hinterland
_Editorial Project for Elle Uk + _Editorial Project for Kinfolk

_Editorial Project for Elle Uk + _Editorial Project for Kinfolk

The Still Life

In Italian, “natura morta”. Originally a painting genre that was later adopted by photography, at the start of the last century it was almost preferred to portraits, as the long exposure times of the first cameras were better suited to inanimate objects. As a genre, it is the one most influenced by design and scenography, with present-day still lifes resembling meticulous and aesthetically perfect compositions, in which any object can become art. This beautiful book by Gestalten presents some of the most outstanding currents in still life art, with works by the best photographers, designers, and stylists in the world.

All photos from The Still Life, Copyright Gestalten 2015 (available at shop.gestalten.com)

_West Virginia, USA – A window on the world / Lilah and Nick Olson

_West Virginia, USA – A window on the world

The Hinterland

Away, away from city life and its frenetic pace. This book published by Gestalten contains the stories of people who decided to build a refuge far from civilisation and stress, in search of inner peace, whether a permanent or a temporary return to nature, self-built with great craftsmanship or assigned to a reputable architectural firm. They include a wooden hut made from salvaged materials, without any comforts, an adapted bunker, a tree house, and a stone cabin camouflaged with the mountain on which it is built: different styles, different countries and continents, but the same desire to escape from the world in search of oneself.

All photos from The Hinterland, Copyright Gestalten 2016 (available at shop.gestalten.com)