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This month’s haircut / JANUARY 2017

A sensational hair/dress contrast: Lagerfeld closes Chanel Haute Couture’s show with Lily-Rose Depp in a princess dress and super-sleek hair

Once upon a time, there was a princess with long hair… “Well not anymore, ladies and gentlemen: Chanel has finally changed the beginning of a story that every woman has dreamed of living since childhood,” explains Mauro Galzignato. “Mind you, the dress is still there, with its typical shape and volume, but the design is now accompanied by a radically different hairstyle. Gone are the curls and long hair, replaced by a very sleek style. Volume-free, with a low side parting known in most fashion circles as a ‘sunken’ parting, the style was fabulously interpreted by Lily-Rose Deep, who has become Lagerfeld’s new muse and a true Chanel icon.”

Alessandro Di Giacomo / Mauro Galzignato